Why this page? Why now? Who is this guy?! Those are probably some of the questions going on through your mind right now and lemme get a moment to lay the tracks for you. I’m a highly melaninated character in this game called life and looking to experience the highs and lows of each level. Some terms to describe my background: first-generation college student, low socio-economic status, oldest of 4, and full of adventure. I have my Princess Peach (actually she’s a beautiful Black berry-no phone tho), living my purpose in higher education where I get to engage with hundreds of students on an everyday basis, oh and I’m a doctoral scholar. Which is the exact reason why I created this space!

Between 2%-5% of Black men are in doctoral programs and it’s not too many spaces, articles, or sites that show what this journey entails. As a Black man, I have a duty to my community to share my experience so those after me can believe that it is possible to achieve your dreams and academic aspirations. This space will highlight the peaks and valleys of the doctoral journey as a young, Black man and I invite you, the reader, to partner with me throughout the journey.

I’ll post videos, pictures, and more regarding the path en route to the doctorate as well as provide some insight on the various happenings in between time. Ask questions, give encouragement, share your thoughts (good/bad)!  We’re in this together so let’s enjoy the ride!

-Jamal M.