Moonlight is Lit!

Each year after the Super Bowl, I forget that America quickly spends the rest of February on recognizing outstanding performances and albums in entertainment. This season is affectionately known as "awards season" and I typically do not really care about any of the awards to be honest. Now, there are a number of injustices that … Continue reading Moonlight is Lit!

Politics May Make Strange Bedfellows, but Not in Ours!

In the 10 days since Ol' Boy in the White House took office, he's caused a raucous throughout the entire world. I won't go into the details, but I invite you to view the following video from Australian journalist, Waleed Aly, who discussed everything that's happened since the change in leadership.Needless to say, Trump has … Continue reading Politics May Make Strange Bedfellows, but Not in Ours!

My President is Black

Dear President Obama, Never again will I see a picture like this EVER again in my lifetime: my Black President taking a mean jumpshot over another white man. Wow...It's the final day that you and your family will consider the White House home for the rest of your lives. It's the final time we will even … Continue reading My President is Black

Counternarratives for More #BlackBoyJoy

Today, I took my little brother (signup to be a mentor in Big Brothers, Big Sister!) to an opera viewing of Hansel & Gretel in one of the richest parts of Southern California. Mind you, I've NEVER been to an opera before and neither had my bro, so this was going to be an experience … Continue reading Counternarratives for More #BlackBoyJoy

Black Conscious Hulk Hogan, Student Affairs, and Leadership?

When my future grandchildren's children look back on the year 2016, I'm sure they will go through a full range of emotions from "wow, grandad was working" to "what in the blue hell was  America thinking to let Donald Trump be President" to "who is the Black Conscious Hulk Hogan?" 2016 has given as much as its … Continue reading Black Conscious Hulk Hogan, Student Affairs, and Leadership?

Where Do We Go from Here?

Today's date is November 9, 2016 and I'm in the San Francisco airport en route to Seattle, WA for a conference. It feels oddly cold and I'm not talking about the weather. The world realized last night that Donald Trump will soon assume the role of Commander in Chief and the Republicans will have power … Continue reading Where Do We Go from Here?