#MelaninatedExcellence: Tekita Bankhead

In higher education, you don't always get the opportunity to meet too many authentic people who are just unabashedly themselves and its one of the many reasons why I have so much love for the Southern Association of College Student Affairs (SACSA). Because of a SACSA conference years ago, I met a small group of people that … Continue reading #MelaninatedExcellence: Tekita Bankhead


Super Bowl LI! It's finally here! One of those unofficial "holidays" in the United States where people come together in the name of sports and its expected that some people will mysteriously be sick the next day. Outside of all the ridiculousness with Ol' Boy in the White House, today is probably a day of celebration (especially … Continue reading WHAT ARE WHITE PEOPLE GOING TO THINK OF NEXT?

One of the Blackest Starts to #BlackHistoryMonth

The first day of Black History Month usually entails singing, excitement, and the usual stereotypical McDonalds commercial where Black people are singing about some damn food. Schools across the land are preparing students for the Black History Month events, guest speakers, and more to celebrate the excellency that is Blackness. Prior to February 1, 2017, … Continue reading One of the Blackest Starts to #BlackHistoryMonth

Politics May Make Strange Bedfellows, but Not in Ours!

In the 10 days since Ol' Boy in the White House took office, he's caused a raucous throughout the entire world. I won't go into the details, but I invite you to view the following video from Australian journalist, Waleed Aly, who discussed everything that's happened since the change in leadership.Needless to say, Trump has … Continue reading Politics May Make Strange Bedfellows, but Not in Ours!

Alternative Facts: No More Lies!

Ol' Boy in the White House (I can't bring myself to call him President) is officially running our country and what's happened since January 20, 2017?  Let's see: Had over 1 million people in attendance at his inauguration, which shows the amount of support and love that he's received since winning the election. Beyonce sung … Continue reading Alternative Facts: No More Lies!

My President is Black

Dear President Obama, Never again will I see a picture like this EVER again in my lifetime: my Black President taking a mean jumpshot over another white man. Wow...It's the final day that you and your family will consider the White House home for the rest of your lives. It's the final time we will even … Continue reading My President is Black

Oh, so the FBI gon’ play Dr. King?

In four more days, President Obama will be leaving office and transitioning into his life as a civilian with his family. After 8 years of hatred, war, groundbreaking legislation and more, I believe that the Obamas deserves it. While they're leaving the White House, down the road, Donald Trump will be assuming the highest office … Continue reading Oh, so the FBI gon’ play Dr. King?

Counternarratives for More #BlackBoyJoy

Today, I took my little brother (signup to be a mentor in Big Brothers, Big Sister!) to an opera viewing of Hansel & Gretel in one of the richest parts of Southern California. Mind you, I've NEVER been to an opera before and neither had my bro, so this was going to be an experience … Continue reading Counternarratives for More #BlackBoyJoy